Integration frustration

Are your accounting tools talking to each other, or is there an awkward silence?

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An unexpected theme from this year’s Autumn conference season has been accountant frustration at a lack of integration between the different software tools they use. 

‘Why can’t they just work together?’ has been a familiar refrain on conference floors this year, but is it unrealistic to expect different vendors to cooperate in this software dog-eat-dog world?  

‘Integration’ is a term that covers a broad range of functions, from new APIs through to a CSV download/upload situation, but we’ve been sold the dream of data flowing efficiently around firms that doesn’t seem to match the reality of those I’ve spoken with.

As always, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how your various software tools integrate with each other and where things could be improved.

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Your friendly technology editor 

*edited to correct typo in the summary and to change XLS to CSV.

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By WhiteRose
17th Oct 2023 16:03

Pretty good I have to say.
TaxCalc for accounts production and tax returns, good imports from Xero, QB and can also import data via .csv. Bright for payroll and the exports of the journals work well.

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
17th Oct 2023 16:31

Thanks WhiteRose. A satisfied customer :-)

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By rmillaree
17th Oct 2023 17:06

"Bright for payroll and the exports of the journals work well."

being honest the bright export journals really frustrates me

Why does it not allow the ers ni allowance to be adjusted for.
why cant we setup autpostig when payroll is finalised - if we so choose.
would be nice if we had options for tax period totals rather than having to always bring each pay period though

perhaps i am missing something but its sloppy to get so close and yet not give us these what are very basic issues

oh and you cant auto connect with sage cloud via accountant login - albeit thats sages fault to be sure

oh and the inability to have memo subcontractor tax total that would be included on p32 is pretty poor planning (ok moneysoft does the same)


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By Wanderer
17th Oct 2023 17:11

Also good direct import from into TaxCalc from FreeAgent.

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By lionofludesch
17th Oct 2023 16:27

"Are you accounting tools talking to each other"

Bit rude, Tom.

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
17th Oct 2023 16:32


Oh dear... Many apologies for that unfortunate typo Lion. I've fixed that now.

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David Winch
By David Winch
17th Oct 2023 16:39

I would ask the AWEB universe whether they include AML compliance software in their thinking on your query.

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paddle steamer
17th Oct 2023 16:46

From the headline there was I thinking it was a calculus question.

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By Highgate
17th Oct 2023 16:49

Digita had an auto-refresh function with Xero that would import the latest TB figures - it worked brilliantly. Then about this time last year they stopped supporting it and now I’m keying in TBs manually. Progress LOL and a good reason for me to reconsider my software provider which is currently c.£300 p/m for a sole practitioner

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John Toon
By John Toon
18th Oct 2023 11:01

Really depends on what end of the accounting firm size spectrum you're at and whether you've got for a suite or best of breed solution.

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By SkyBlue22
18th Oct 2023 13:42

Quite apart from whether they talk to each other, I'm surprised there is no-one truly offering a full suite of tools (good tools). Those we've looked at often promise much, but don't deliver half of what they say.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
05th Nov 2023 00:37

Integrated solutions are hard to come by. But if you map processes you can join the dots.

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