Inter company debt!

i am company director at two companies company debt

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Good Evening, I am a director of two limited companies. One of the companies, I am the only director.  The other company I am a minority shareholder . I have invoiced the company where I am the minority shareholder for goods that have been supplied by the company where I am sole director of  . The issue that I have is that after  12  months  I am still owed the money for those invoices .I have asked  numerous times for the money owed ,but I am aware that money has been tight but the company has still managed  to pay other debtors  and invest money in new equipment . I have access to the bank account as a signatory on the account ,I now want my money owed  could  I  transfer the money from the  companys  bank account  ? Am I  within my rights to do this  as I am the oldest debt by far ?

I really would appreciate any advice you could give.

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