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Intercompany - Sage 50 Accounts

Intercompany - Sage 50 Accounts

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There is going to be a new company (B) at some point this year.

At present, company A is putting on a supplier invoices in Sage and paying for the invoice on behalf of the new company B that doesn’t exist yet. I have set up an intercompany code in A called intercompany B, so all invoices/payments can go there.

When the new company B is set up, what is the best way to deal with this?

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By johngroganjga
04th Aug 2015 14:51

You say all invoices and payments are going to the inter company account, but presumably you mean one or the other but not both.

What happens when the new company is born depends on what the agreement between the companies is?

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By LauarG
05th Aug 2015 09:17


It is a brand new company, company A will invoice company B for their stock and that’s it.

Do I just raise an invoice in A to B to the intercompany nominal?

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