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Interest calculater

on line calculater ?

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Does anybody know of a decent on line calculater to work out interest on late payment of income tax going back over 20 years. The HMRC one is bobbins.

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paddle steamer
06th Aug 2019 17:30

I think modelling in excel is your friend here; I really doubt an off the shelf solution will be available dealing with all the changes in rates.

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By Wanderer
06th Aug 2019 17:36

I've used the HMRC one quite successfully.

Is this for a back duty settlement offer? I'm not convinced they check the calculations anyway, possibly just accept what's on the offer.

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By Paul D Utherone
07th Aug 2019 08:48

No, but I have an Excel model that does it

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Replying to Paul D Utherone:
By seitler
07th Aug 2019 09:56

Thank Paul. Would you be willing to share it ?

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