Interest rate swaps: which route to take?

Interest rate swaps: which route to take?

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Back in July, it emerged that 28,000 businesses were sold inappropriate interest rate hedges

While a few of you have already commented on this in threads and on our article, we're interested in knowing more. 

For example, if you've been affected, what route will you take with your claim, and indeed, if you'll claim at all?

Also, there are now a number of companies offering advice on mis-sold interest rate swaps and offering 'no-win-no-fee' claims, but how can you tell if they are legitimate or not? 

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By dannybard
21st Oct 2012 00:56

Never heard of this

being like the PPI claims but I've had experience of a company that was sold this type of hedge and there's nothing you can do!

It's a signed contract, which you're advised to read before signing! The one I saw was with Barclays Bank and they completely screwed the business in question!

My advice is always never ever trust a bank!

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By john cottam
29th Oct 2012 09:29

Interest Rate Swaps

In our case the bank involved has set up a complaints process for customers who believe they were mis-sold these policies. It may be that some companies were misled, but isn't it a case of "caveat emptor". All documents I have seen relating to these products strongly advise the customer to take independent advice before signing!

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01st Mar 2013 13:39


Who do you write for interest rate swap.

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