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Interest received from Ltd Co on SA100 Tax Return?

Completing SA100, which page & box, Interest received from DLA in credit.

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A director of a UK manufacturing company received £1,600 nett interest from her director's loan account being in credit.  The company has completed a CT61 and paid £400 tax.   She is now completing her Tax Return (SA100) but not sure where to enter the above information.

Possible considerations are:

Interest and Dividends - SA100 TR3 Box 1 

Other UK Income - SA100 TR3 Boxes 17 and 19

Additional Information pages - SA101 Ai1 Boxes 1,2 and 3

Any help would be most appreciated?








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By pauld
21st Nov 2019 16:00

Its taxed interest so TR3 Box 1

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