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Interest tax deductable?

Interest on mortgage tax deductable for non UK resident?

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I have someone who is a non UK resident who brought a house in the UK. Can the interest from that mortage be tax deductable?



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17th Jul 2019 10:49

A house for his own occupation ?

UK folk can't get a tax deduction so why should overseas folk be treated more favourably.

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17th Jul 2019 11:14

What "mechanism" do you suggest, will provide the relief? Crack on.

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17th Jul 2019 12:35

What relevance is the fact that they are non-res?

The almost complete absence of facts in your question suggests that you are out of your depth.

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17th Jul 2019 15:29

Why anon?

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to SteLacca
17th Jul 2019 15:32



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to SteLacca
17th Jul 2019 15:33

I'd have thought that was obvious!

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17th Jul 2019 18:27

You say "deductable" I say "deductible"; let's call the whole thing off.

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