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Interesting Baxendale Walker scheme DoTAS case

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His schemes aren't having a great run of luck recently it seems. BTW, where's Carlh?

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By Justin Bryant
14th Nov 2018 15:09

One wonders why they didn't just pay the £7k penalty, as Mishcon + counsel would have charged at least around that in fees and there was virtually no chance they would win this appeal.

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By thomas34
15th Nov 2018 08:39

Exactly - looks like a waste of everybody's time and money.
They've even "bought" an extra 3 months to file their accounts. I know most of us have done that on occasions but there does seem to be a trend here doesn't there?

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By carlh
27th Nov 2018 15:56

ooo pickaboo, just felt a tremor in the force someone said my name.

still here matey, however moved on to selling LOL dolls for xmas rush down the market stall, making an absolute killing, just ordered my 2019 bentley GTC in apple green yesterday o/

Have a great week Justin

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