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I feel sorry for all concerned of course.

EXCLUSIVE Firm's accountants probed in suspected £25m fraud | RollOnFriday

It's a bit odd to cede control of your client account like that. 

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By Paul Crowley
12th Apr 2024 17:00

What is the point of client account rules if the solicitor gives up control of the account.
Why would the solicitors be bailed out?

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By FactChecker
12th Apr 2024 17:17

Interesting site as well.

Has a very 'retro' look 'n' feel to it, but it pulls no punches - see another of their trending stories: "A third of lawyers admit to padding time sheets"!

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David Winch
By David Winch
12th Apr 2024 20:49

In my experience the vast majority of accountants and solicitors are totally honest. However on those rare occasions where a professional person goes wrong he or she goes VERY wrong! That may have been the case here, and the outcome looks to have been tragic.

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