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Intermediaries and Personal Services Companies

Intermediaries and Personal Services Companies

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We received an agent update today stating that employment intermediary returns are due today. Has anyone been completing these forms for their clients as we are unsure who these apply to?  Are they for Agencies only or does it also apply to any personal service companies that use sub-contractors to fulfil customer contracts?    For example, company A provides services to company B.  To improve timescales company A brings in a sub-contractor not covered by PAYE.  This sub-contractor subsequently works on the contract provided to company B. Is company A required to submit an employment intermediary return?  As timescales are understandably tight, any advice would be welcomed.

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By djn24
05th Aug 2015 11:34

Just about to ask the same question!

1. Does this apply to our Ltd companies who engage subcontractors (sole traders and Ltd companies) to complete projects for their clients?

2. One of our clients customers has informed them that they need to make an intermediary report to HMRC.  They have asked for NI numbers etc for all the sub contractors that my client uses- Surely my client does not need to provide that as my clients customers is paying my client to do the work so they wouldn't even know if my client uses subbies or not?

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By Wycher
05th Aug 2015 12:16

Also interested

I was just looking at this and whether it applies to construction companies who use subbies on clients sites?

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