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International consolidation tools for Xero

International consolidation tools for Xero

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I'm at a conference where I met a US CPA whose working with a UK company that recently acquired a firm in the States.

The client wants to use Xero and has asked her to help them find a reporting tool that can bring in the US subsidiary's figures.

I suspect they will be in the middle of the transition to FRS 102 and wondered how much of an additional challenge this will pose to the reporting project (and it's requirements).

And more to the point, can anyone recommend a third party reporting tool that will help this company meet the challenge?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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Darren Glanville
By darren glanville
12th Nov 2014 08:34

Happy to chat this through with you

Hi John Happy to look at how we may be able to help; were at the same conference John - multi currency consolidation is par for the course for Spotlight Reporting.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
12th Nov 2014 18:46

Afraid it wasn't for me

It was a lady from Wisconsin called Christine who was looking.

I've also talked to Charles Nagel, who was demonstrations his Qvinci application on the Xero stand at the Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas. He was also confident his application could help.

"We do multi-currency consolidation," he told me. "We have a lot of international consultancies among our customers in our user base. 

"When we synch the account files [from QuickBooks or Xero], we convert everything to local currency. That's one of our deals. The thing that' s different about Qvinci is the QuickBooks file is the truth. We'll take data and render it, and then consolidate. It's the same with Xero."

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