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Interview practical test

Interview practical test

Does anyone have or know where I can get hold of ( preferably for free) a practical test to be sat as part of a second interview by qualified accountants ?
samantha creedon


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21st Nov 2002 17:14

What do you want to test?
I have interviewed many accountants for our general practice and have relied on references and answers to general questions about their experience ie "what would you do in this situation?" to form an opinion as to whether they can do the job we want of them.

I have heard that some firms ask candidates to sit tests, one of my colleagues was asked to copy out some text to test her hand-writing!

May help if you say what the person is being interviewed for, ie is it a practice position (tax, audit, accounts) or in commerce and what aspects of the job you want to test, technical skills, (if so what) or people skills.


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21st Nov 2002 17:11

Which company?
I know of several tests that the major firms are using,- which firm are you applying for. Perhaps I might be able to help you out? Good luck for your interview!


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22nd Nov 2002 10:44

I am testing...
that qualified accountants who are taking their first step into industry have some element of commercial/financial common sense. Also to check what their responses are to a given situation and the thought process behing their decisions.

The test is to be given as part of a second interview, the usual probing questions as to technical skills and competencies having already been covered in the first round of inetrviews.

I am in financial services but the test does not necessarily have to be relevant to that industry. The position to be filled is that of a finance manager.

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