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INtra group transfer of property(business). Do SchA losses c/f?

INtra group transfer of property(business). Do...

Contemplating a transfer of a commercial property from trading sub to dormant parent.  The sub will be struck off in due course.

The property has generated SchA losses (due to capital allowances).

Do these transfer with the property to the parent?


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08th Mar 2012 15:13


As far as I am aware, the ability to transfer losses between group companies is limited to trading losses under CTA 2010 Part 22 Chapter 1

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08th Mar 2012 17:54

Balancing charge to soak up losses?
What disposal value will you be bringing into account for the fixtures, etc? This may well wipe out the losses arising from the WDA claims in previous accounting periods.
The parent won't get the benefit of the accumulated losses but it will be able to claim the capital allowances on its own account going forward.


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