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Invoice only software non VAT

Which would you recommend?

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Client cannot be trusted to use any software sensibly, but could manage invoice only software. He isn't reg for VAT.

Can you recommend anything suitable for UK?

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By D V Fields
28th Jan 2022 22:46

Are you just hopeful that client could use an “Invoice only” piece of software?

An Excel spreadsheet where you could populate a user message box with some choice comments (instructions) based on their actions would be my favoured approach. The advantage this has over commercial software is you can keep tailoring it for the user’s continual efforts to break; albeit comical rather than commercial value.

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By williams lester accountants
29th Jan 2022 06:03

What does the client do? Are the invoices complex?

There are a few bank apps that offer invoicing facility in their app, have you looked at those?

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By rmillaree
29th Jan 2022 08:31

In the absence of anything else i will flag up bokio
Free version does sales invoicing and will alow a bank feed so sales can be matched - the free version has many of the extras switched off (no quotes) - but to issue sales and correctly flag as paid to bank or manually flag as paid seems pretty good.
Has ability to do vat returns too so if client grows ....

Partner signup was simple when i did it think i was up and running with client setup and bank feed up and running in 10 minutes.

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By Moonbeam
29th Jan 2022 17:48

Client has wound down another business at Xmas and dereg from VAT. His dismal efforts at bookkeeping on Xero have taken me hours to sort out.

He now plans to do odd building work type jobs (completely different type of work from last business. He won't earn enough to have to reg for VAT, and it will be much easier for me to do his bookkeeping once a year, importing his bank transacs into a lower Xero program. I don't want him anywhere near that, and will import his sales invoices from a spreadsheet to Xero later.

He's with Lloyds and I think he should stay with them.

So I literally do just want a sales invoice generator. He would ruin any Excel sheet and I'm not good enough to set up a bespoke sheet that he couldn't ruin. He isn't stupid, just not able to concentrate on things for long. I think he could handle a stand alone invoice. I'll have a look at Bokio.

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By legerman
30th Jan 2022 17:30

Try Siqtools. I use it for my own invoicing and any invoicing I do for clients on their behalf. About £50 a year although I'm on a earlier perpetual version I've had for a few years.

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By Leywood
30th Jan 2022 22:31


Or why not just stick with a 2 or 3 part receipt book if he is that bad.

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By tom123
31st Jan 2022 08:44

I use Bokio for a couple of small businesses my wife & I have, and the invoicing is quite nice.

It is able to email directly from the program too.

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By Moonbeam
01st Feb 2022 08:44

Thank you all for your very useful comments, which may come in handy for other clients in due course.
I found a free invoice template from Xero, of all people. I downloaded it and will give it some tests over the next week or so, but that's what I was looking for.

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By BigBadWolf
09th Feb 2022 12:36

Have a look at Invoice2Go, I Just met a prospect who is using this, it seems to work well for him.

Freshbooks is another alternative I have seen in the past

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