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Invoice paid to wrong account

Recently set up a ltd company but a client paid an invoice to the old sole trader account

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I recently set up a ltd company, but recently a client paid me into my old sole trader account. I can't refund the payment and get them to resend to the right details as they are a large overseas company and their policies don't permit that.

Is it OK to just transfer the payment into my new ltd company account myself?


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By Paul Crowley
27th Nov 2020 13:02

But have details of client on it so that bookkeeper and accountant do not think, Capital Introduced.

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By thestudyman
27th Nov 2020 13:26

Well who did the customer contract with?

If they contracted legally with the sole trader, then they have followed the correct steps. The monies do not belong to the limited company.

If they contracted legally with the company, then you should be able to transfer from between bank accounts.

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