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Invoice to uk deliver to eu vat still charged?

Invoice to uk deliver to eu vat still charged?


Occasionally I source vitamins in bulk supply here in the uk for a company in the EU who is vat registered.

I have dealt with two companies. The first one did not charge vat as I supplied my client vat number with the purchase order, however the second company did.

Typically I get a price from the uk company add my margin and then invoice my client, and supply the vat number of the company I am dealing with. My client then pays the vat on his side. However, recently I received a bill for vat from the second company I used despite following this same procedure. I am not vat registered so cannot claim this back.

They told me that as they have invoiced to me in the uk then I must pay vat. Is means that vat would be paid twice on this one shipment.

How do I legally solve this situation!?

Thank you.


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06th Feb 2012 13:24

Can this not be invoiced direct to your client.  They are correct, that if they are supplying you, uk -uk then they must charge you the vat.  If they supply your client uk - eu, only then can they do a "reverse Charge" meaning no vat. 

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By Sct3030
07th Feb 2012 19:31

It was invoiced to me but delivered to EU

Thank you for your input.

The goods were shipped to my client and I received the invoice.  I have just re-supplied my customers VAT number upon request, so I think this has been sorted out now.

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