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Invoices required for France VAT return?

Are Invoices required to submitted with France VAT returns?

Hello everyone

Does anyone know if invoices must be submitted along with a France VAT return if there is some VAT for reclaim that was charged by a French company for services in France? I need to do my first return next month and I've received conflicting information on the issue. 

Thanks in advance!


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to Accountant A
20th Apr 2017 00:52

I have an accountant in the UK and an accountant for the rest of Europe and that's where I'm receiving conflicting advice. Whenever they disagree I just get on here and crowd source the answer then send it to them. So do you have the answer?

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to verdagua
20th Apr 2017 06:49

Why would you ask a UK accountant (or a crowd of us) how to process a French vat return? Ask your French one.

At least ask your UK acct to explain why he thinks the French one is wrong...

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