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Invoicing/Accounts system for aircraft handling company

Invoicing/Accounts system for aircraft handling...

Dear all...

I have a new prospect who is an aircraft fuel and handling agent. Their activity is source fuel and provide on ground handling services (passenger steps/maintenance/ storage etc) for inbound airplanes at a number of small airports around europe and north africa.

They need an invoicing system that enables them to to input a customer and type of plane, and then input the fuel quantity together with the number of other services (say a set of passenger steps for two hours), then for the system to produce the invoice. 

Can anyone recommend an invoicing system that will cater for these variables?



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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 18:02

Type of plane?

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By brent
to justsotax
23rd Nov 2011 04:27

Type of plane?

3569787 wrote:

At what level does type of plane effect the invoice?

Is it just narrative or does it effect prices of fuel, steps, services, etc.

I assume a customer will have more than 1 type of plane.

the type of plane determines the landing and ground charges at each airport. So it doesn't matter how many planes someone has, it will be specific to the flight / airport.

Airport charges usually include landing, takeoff, parking and any other services required - potable water, fuel, waste etc.

Some service companies like to charge a standard fee to clients with no breakdown that covers the standards like landing, parking etc, others like to break it down.

At least thats my understanding of how it works


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22nd Nov 2011 11:26

Sage Developer

I have been writing add-ons for Sage Instant, 50 and 200 for the last 26 years. I could write a system where the user selects a plane and then all options be displayed to the user for their selection. Once completed the invoice would be produced. Please do not hesitate to contact me if this is of interest.

Thank You


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By jdoyle
22nd Nov 2011 11:40

Invoicing system


If you want a straight forward invoicing system which allows you to add in type of plane as text and select a number of services/products which you wish to invoice, then Sage 50 should be adequate for your requirements. Sage 50 can also handle different currencies and different prices for different customer groups. If your requirements are more sophisticated then Exchequer Enterprise has a more flexible invoicing system with user defined fields available to enter additional information if required. Is all the invoicing going to be done at Head Office or will it be done at each airport location?

Please contact us if you require any further information


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22nd Nov 2011 12:18

One question

I have one question:  How much money does the client have to waste?

If the client is cash-rich and wants to spend a lot of money, then a bespoke system that will do everything, including hold a database of every aircraft owned by every owner/company, is probably a great idea and will please the eventual, fortunate, developer.

However, if the client is poor and doesn't want to waste money, there are a number of low-cost, even FREE packages out there that will do all you ask and more.

I can recommend Diamond Discovery Software, who have both on-premise and hosted solutions that will meet most needs.

Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789

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23rd Nov 2011 10:41

Aircraft Handling Company

Hello Alchemist,

As the other contributors have noted there are a number of solutions that could meet your requirements and we, accountsIQ, are another.  We have a customer in the aircraft resupply business who are a reasonable size operator providing food and in flight shopping for several airlines operating from a number of airports across Europe so are reasonably familiar with this market.  Our application is cloud based and multi currency so is well suited for quite small but multi location operations without much of an IT infrastructure.  We can use our user definable analysis codes on top of the chart of accounts to determine the type of aircraft and we also integrate with third party applications - which might be useful in this case if you have a separate ordering system already in place and do not want to rekey the data.  Please feel free to contact me if we can be of any help.


William Parker


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