IOSS number lost due to Eurora bankruptcy

If you or your clients are among the affected Eurora clients that have lost their IOSS number...

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Monday, the e-commerce community heard about the recent news impacting all Eurora clients whose IOSS numbers in Estonia has been cancelled. We understand that being in Q4, the strongest sales period in e-commerce this can have a major impact on your compliance and turnover.

Estonian Tax Authority shared the list of licensed IOSS intermediaries that can be found here

We at are here to support, as a VAT experts focused on e-commerce, and the longest standing company with intermediary IOSS license in Estonia

If you or your clients are among the affected Eurora clients we are here ready to get you registered with a new IOSS number in Estonia by the Nov 1st deadline and have already helped numerous Eurora clients with the transition. 

Happy to provide free consultation on what this means for you and help you find the best way forward. Feel to reach out any time or sent us an email: at [email protected]

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By Jason Croke
18th Oct 2023 15:01

The Eurora failure sort of shows the weakness of the rush to digitise tax and accounting.

Everything is great until the software house or app supplier is sold to someone else or they put up their prices or like with Eurora they go bankrupt and leaving clients on the air (or should they be cloud).

For the sake of balance, there are other firms out there that can handle the fallout from IOSS, such as

But I can also appreciate that those with a tight deadline may want an Estonian agent to help keep things smooth and uninterrupted.l so your post is useful.

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By TeemuEAS
01st Nov 2023 09:49

As Jason mentioned there are options such as EAS Project. What we do differently from other is that we automate the whole process. The automations remove manual work, stress and costs while increasing accuracy.

We support with full integration Shopify, Woo and Magento platforms, but we are also having clients using most other popular platforms.

We work fast, especially with the Eurora clients :)

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