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iPad 2 - IOS 6.1 Update failure ....

iPad 2 - IOS 6.1 Update failure ....

Just tried to upgrade my iPad 2 to IOS 6.1 - after all Apple sent a message to the device saying the update was available

Result - totally stuffed the iPad & now nothing works

Evidently there is an issue with the upgrade that Apple have known about for a copule of days - SO WHY SEND ME A MESSAGE ABOUT THE UPGRADE

Anyway just watch out if you have an iPad 2 & wait for a patch/fix before installing

Apples really are generally losing the plot at the moment - their share price has bombed (equivalent to entire capitalisation of M$ or Google) and they are getting a number of other things wrong

So much for all thos Apple evangelists for whom this company can do no wrong !

Not impressed

etc - do Google search

Edit Update

Just spent best part of 45 mins on the telephone to Apple & have an appointment at one of their stores in 2 days time - they cannot do earlier; too busy, and the rest of us are not busy ?

Cheeky so & so's started talking about a £25 charge because the device was out of warranty. Changed their mind when I suggested a 'class action' for £100's from everyone owning an iPad 2 because of time wasting caused by Apple's IOS failure to install properly

What a shambolic company - perhaps they will go the route of RIM (Blackberry) - certainly deserve to !


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04th Feb 2013 21:18

Apple updates

Thanks for this.  Updated iPad 3, iPhone and Mini to the latest update, all OK, but have left the iPad 2 until now - will hang on.  Have you tried doing a reset using the home button and the on/off button?

Until a couple of years ago, I would always update Apple operating systems etc without question, but absolutely NEVER do this now, after a few disasters, mostly involving the Lion OS on the Mac.  My advice is, wait a few days and check the wires for problems being reported. I actually think a lot of this is down to the well published issues Apple have had with their Operating System division and I really hope they get this sorted as, generally speaking, everything just works fine.  The most common issue I have seen of late is updates wiping out wi-fi and, for some reason, Apple are having real issues with this. 

Just a general note though about this so called shambolic company, I read an article in the FT the other day that said, if they were a country, their GDP would be 45th in the World, ahead of New Zealand and Pakistan. The sales between 2010 and 2012 grew from $65 billion to $156 billion(Microsoft in the same period grew from $62 billion to $73 billion), This is about 45% growth year on year by Apple in this period.  This is astonishing, but also must be unsustainable, and Apple have predicted growth of about 18% a year going forward.  This is interpreted by the red braces brigade and the media and rivals who are jealous as some kind of fall-off-a-cliff disaster and the share price drops from 620 to 450. Even that is staggering - just checked.  Microsoft is 27 cents per share right now compared to about 450 cents.  18% growth, every year...think about that. And about a 43% profit margin too.  

A failing business?  At one point a year or so ago, Apple had more cash reserves than the whole US federal government.  Again, think about that for a minute.  They needed to start paying a divided (something Steve Jobs disapproved of) as a way to deplete these reserves and to avoid a massive tax hit as most of the reserves sit outside the UK due to the tax avoidance that ALL tech companies engage in.  They simply had so much cash they did not know what to do with it.

Apple stores have about a $50m average turnover per store. Wow!  About double the average sales per square foot than the nearest rival (Tiffany).  Never mind about the huge software sales from the App store and other licencing deals, such as the fees every time a manufacturer wants to create a dock.

If anyone tells you Apple are struggling, just think about some of these stats.  It's probably just jealousy as I think most of us would be delighted to have these kind of number from a sector where they don't even have the market share.  Apple customers just spend a LOT more on devices and apps.  If it's a drug, then they are pushers galore!!

An Apple fanboy?  Yes, but also a realist on their problems.  Whatever though, it's hard to get anyone to see the little man from that far up on their pile of cash.



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05th Feb 2013 09:45

Various ...

@The VAT Doctor

Yes tried on/off in various forms & also powered off etc. - still no luck. All one gets is an iTunes icon in the middle sof the screen & a USB icon from the bottom of the screen up to meet it. Apple support are very cagy and blame everyone/thing else for the problem - i.e. power, wi-fi etc. you name it, they blame it; definately not a fault with Apple ... mmm ... I know BS when I hear it!

From a personal point of view:

Unable to ship their iPad mini - ordered one as Christmas present on 11 Nov 2012 finally received on 11 Jan 2013Current problems with iMac - Europe delivery now 4-6 weeksiPad 2 - IOS 6.1 failure to install - trashing deviceBotched Maps app - resulting in recommending their competitors product insteadand so on ...

Think the thing that disappoints most is the disparity between all the hype that goes with their products (which one (me) is stupid enough to believe) and their abject failure to live up to things in reality.

Personally I am ambivalent to the manufacturer and go for the device that fits my needs at the time, but I am not prepared to pay over the odds for a product. What I do not expect is the provider to 'fall down' on the basics - i.e. release / upgrade of an operating system - this is a fundamental requirement and if Apple cannot achieve this then they are in the wrong business!

Agree about their cash mountain - but we could all build up a 'stash' if our income was 'off-shored' & no tax paid. Take your own annual income, call it royalties / licence fees & remit it all abroad; a tidy sum would build up after a time

Of course the question is - why have they not been using the money rather than just accumulating it. Money circulation has all sorts of social & financial benefits, whereas sitting on cash is really dead money, benefiting no-one; except ones ego?

There is talk that Apples greatest years are behind them and from now on it will be slow decline, nevertheless in the immediate timeframe ....

Share fall from Sept'12 to Jan'13 - $702 down to $461 is not inconsiderable, although they did sell a record 47m iPhones from Sep'12 to Dec'12. Problem is in some part down to stock analysts with over-expectation factoring in high share price when results are good but not up to expectation

Also their gross margins fell from 44% to 38%. Quite why they have always 'stuffed' their loyal customers with very high margins in comparison to the rest of the industry interesting; but then their customer base thinks it is a badge of honour to pay over the odds for Apple products & yet they still remain loyal

So I really only have admiration for a company that can pull of charging (shafting) their customers with very high prices and still retain immense loyalty. As you quite rightly say '.. a drug ..' and their customers have to get their periodic fix

Never forget that it did not really take much (x days outage) to completely destroy RIM - although, to all accounts they have rather a good phone that has just hit the market and is going 'head to head' with the new iPhone

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