IR35 but no payroll

IR35 but no payroll

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Hello all, I need your input.

Client (IT Consultant) formed Ltd in Dec 2015. Came to me Oct 2016. Actual work terms on three separate contracts suggested within IR35 (as opposed to written contract terms), however, no payroll operated till Nov 2016. What can be done about the Deemed Payment for year 2015/2016? Obviously, it is now too late to submit a payroll return for that tax year. [Another matter at hand is that HMRC has still not sent any self assessment correspondence though repeated requests for the UTR have been made.]

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18th Jan 2017 20:57

Just call HMRC PAYE and ask them. Job done. They will probably just back date the current PAYE scheme, or close the current PAYE scheme and setup a new scheme and back date that. Get Qdos or another company to review the contract first.

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