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Hi all

I am an IT contractor, and I have been working on a contract for 6 months for a company. I have been operating through my Ltd co.

based on the contract I have completed the gov IR35 checker and it has come back as 'outside the scope of IR35'

on that basis do I now go ahead and complete my Ltd co accounts and CT return on the usual basis?

thanks in advance for your input

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By Wilson Philips
25th Jul 2020 10:10

I don’t see how anyone that doesn’t know the first thing about you or your business can answer that question. You should be asking your own accountant.

But if you are happy that you are outside IR35 on what other basis do you think you would prepare the accounts/tax return?

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By Paul Crowley
25th Jul 2020 13:49

Given prior questions, best to get a free first meeting with an accountant so that you can have a proper conversation.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By memyself-eye
25th Jul 2020 17:08

a bit late for a first meeting - like the captain of the Titanic said:
"wish I wasn't going so fast....."

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