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Ir35 now confirmed - what would you recommend?

Confirmed as of April

Hi all

a client of ours works for the BBC and has now had the contract reviewed and it falls under IR35 for public sector.

the contract start date is 05.04.17. Since April the director has reported a directors salary with the remainder as dividends. The BBC has classed income since 05.04 as falling under this contract and is now going to recoup taxes paid on the payments to the company.

so my question is what would everyone suggest is needed for the payments to the director from April until now? Ie would it be appropriate to declare a large wage now for the difference ie the dividend amount so far and then is it actually possible to cancel the Dividends since April?

Is anyone else dealing with this at the moment? If so why support/advice would be appreciated.

many thanks 


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By PALacc
24th Oct 2017 18:28

Just bumping this to see if anyone has any suggestions please

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25th Oct 2017 10:18

A few points:

1. Are you in agreement with the BBC's "ruling" re IR35? Are there grounds for contesting it? The BBC has been rather supine in doing HMRC's bidding.

2. Does your client use a talent agent? They are active in pushing back on this front.

3. Sorry I can't give you specifics for the accounting. PAYE deducted from fees paid to limited company ... it makes my brain hurt.

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