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I am currently working on a set of accounts in IRIS accounts production and in the previous year they wrong code has been used. Is there anyway of changing the previous year without going back into the preious year posting as the previous year accounts have already been finalised.

I know that is Viztopia you could view the comparatives and you could change the code things were going to and this would not affect the accounts that had been finalised. I was wondering if there was something similar in IRIS?


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16th Aug 2012 22:28

That's the way to do it

Hi - we have had to do this a few times and it's most likely to occur in the detailed P&L expenses.  It's OK to go back in and change last year's posting.

The only consideration then has to be, is this just a cosmetic or insignificant change or does it materially effect the accounts.  If the latter then you just add a note to the accounts to highlight the error in comparatives.  Obviously you'd only need to highlight a material change in the detailed P&L to the clients and HMRC as this is not part of the stat accounts.


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18th Aug 2012 12:16

Thank you, the adjustment is actually in the balance sheet, the wrong code had been used last year and we want to make it look the same this year when we use the correct code.


Would we just add a note in this years accounts to advise that we have changed the comparative? It is not a change in figures- just the presentation.



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18th Aug 2012 18:16

That's right.

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