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IRIS - 90 day period


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Rewnewal time and perhaps naively/ stupidly i did not realise there was a 90 day notice period.  depsite only receiving notice of our new pricing for the year (which has increased by quite a sum) some days ago, our renewal period of 1 July 2017 is within the 90 day period and IRIS are 'refusing' to accept my instruction to cancel our subscription.

We pay by monthly direct debit and i am tempted to just cancel the DD and deal with the consequences after.  My question really is have any other members/ AWeb taken a similar approach and was there any backlash or implcations as a result?!

We have full copies of accounts, working apeprs etc already on file/ stored on the PCs so getting to historci information is not a concern, more the legal implciations. 

Any advice would be gratefully recived. 


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By thomas34
03rd Jun 2017 17:12

This has been covered many times before - funny it's always IRIS that's mentioned. It's a numbers game with them - many younger and less experienced customers will pay up based upon what is a likely breach of the Unfair Contract Terms Act i.e. their "auto-renewal" clause.

The fact that the new prices were not published before the 90 day period would suggest a weakness in their argument.

Just cancel the direct debit and dig your heels in.

If you're nervous about that ask to speak to Paul Onions (if he's still there) who's a decent enough fellow.

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Replying to thomas34:
By mrme89
07th Jun 2017 14:44

The Unfair Contract Terms Act is very limited when it comes to B2B transactions.

It really only covers terms that exclude liability for death / injury and those types of terms.

It is very unlikely that a business would succeed by quoting the notice period as a breach of UCTA in its defence.

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By lionofludesch
03rd Jun 2017 17:26

I'm always suspicious of companies who need to add such onerous clauses in their contracts.

What extra costs have Iris got because you didn't give them 90 days notice? The cost of arguing with you?

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By roblpm
07th Jun 2017 14:24

Maybe just diarise to give them notice 90 days before the end of each year?!

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