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IRIS abbreviated accounts online filing query

IRIS abbreviated accounts online filing query

I keep getting stuck trying to set up online filing of abbreviated accounts to Companies House using IRIS.

My problem is the authentication code. I have the 6-character code but I believe I need a completely different authentication code (11 characters) for filing the accounts. How do I get this? The information I've seen seems to lead me towards applying for a credit account with Companies House which is puzzling.


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19th Oct 2012 14:02

Credit account it is

I had the same trouble with figuring things out.  As bizarre as it seems, the only way forward is to proceed with applying for the credit account with CH.  Once this is done (and, to be fair, they're pretty quick and efficient) you'll get all the codes you need.

It's worth the hassle for the ease of use with IRIS CH filing.



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to Dibden70
19th Oct 2012 14:30


Just sent off my "credit application" in order to file abbreviated accounts for which there is no fee!

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19th Oct 2012 14:47

Annual return

You may use it to file annual returns which there is a £13 fee.

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