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Iris Accounts Production is slow on Term Server

Iris Accounts Production is slow on Terminal Server

We know that Charity reports are more comlplicated than other reports.

However, on Terminal Server they can be 3 times slower than if we run them on a desktop (fat) client.

Memory and Anti Virus are  not an issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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23rd Apr 2018 13:17

Have you recently updated to the latest version of IRIS?

If so try disabling IRIS.Scheduler.Sever.

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By paul.k2
to Wanderer
23rd Apr 2018 13:32

Sorry Wanderer. I forgot to mention that we tried that.

We also disbaled other services such as Windows Search

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23rd Apr 2018 23:39

It could be related to disk throughput. If you monitor the disk throughput or use something like novabench to understand the throughput it might help. We have seen big differences when using different version of Windows Server and the use of user profile disks.

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