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IRIS an acrimonious break-up

IRIS an acrimonious break-up

I have been with Iris since 2003. At first it was a very happy relationship but with  the advent of the SQL version- nothing but woes – when I was told  that my biggest bugbear (not being able to use the back-up facility) wasn't due to be fixed until mid 2011 I concluded that 31 Jan 2011 would be the clean-break.   

Anyway sometime in December I told Iris I would not be renewing after tax season 31 Jan 2011.   So January 12th when I noticed they had taken payment up to 31 March 2011 I rang Finance to explain and was promptly told I had to give thirty days notice in writing. I was well miffed this was the first mention of any notice. 
On Monday I spoke to the rude and arrogant head of customer care to be told ;he would terminate immediately and no refund was due as it is ‘company policy’.   But if I have given the thirty days notice why can’t I have the rest of my money refunded ???


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03rd Feb 2011 16:06

i am sure that arrogant little pricks[***] like the one you have had

are not representative of xxxx as a whole , but then again they may be!

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03rd Feb 2011 20:21

Invoke the Direct Debit Guarantee

 IRIS are bound to notify you at least two weeks before they take the money, So you are entitled to a full immediate refund!

Contact your Bank.

Their head of customer service is really arrogant - he only seems interested in big firms


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04th Feb 2011 15:20

Can I recommend Digita instead


I am not connected to Digita in anyway, other than as a user for 8 years or so (both with my previous employers, and in my own company).


Their costs are slightly lower than Iris, but the product (including integration between Accounts, Tax, etc) works very well, and online filing is problem-free.


They are not perfect, but when there are problems their technicial support is very helpful and quick.

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04th Feb 2011 15:33

Thank you for your responses

The notification of impending DD was sent out on 7 December. It was after that that I notified - during a phone call to customer (we do not) care - that i would no longer require their software . How do I get back the money IRIS owes me ?

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04th Feb 2011 16:06

Yes, but ...

You appear to be paying quarterly in advance if the DD taken in early January covered up to 31 March.  So, you have used the product for one month out of the three and surely cannot expect a refund of the whole amount.

I don't know if IRIS licenses their product for periods of less than a quarter, but I would be surprised if they were prepared to do it for one month at a time.

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05th Feb 2011 11:35

No but

My agreement with IRIS was to pay monthly - the fact the Finance Dept operates in a parallell universe at IRIS has led to the quarterly deductions, I will not bore you with yet another long; IRIS are just a bit rubbish tale.

And no I certainly do not expect to receive the 3 months refunded; but at least the last month; following Mr Charming in Customer Services offer of  immediate termination.  But given the facts; I do believe I should be entitled to the last 2 months refunded.

I have spoken to the Bank who say invoking the Direct Debit Guarantee may prove problematical in the whole of the payment will be refunded and I only want 2/3 back.

Any other ideas ?



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05th Feb 2011 13:17

Small Claims

I get to a point with these large arrogant companies when I can't be bothered to talk to them anymore. I then go straight to Small Claims Online Costs a few quid to file but it is very simple and generally puts the wind up them and if they don't defend it you'll get your costs back.

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06th Feb 2011 19:08

Invoke the DD Guarantee

and get refunded for the whole 3 months, then send them a cheque for the balance due for one month, with a note saying that this is in full and final settlement, and by cashing the cheque, they are accepting the fact.

Not to say that this is legally binding, but let them take YOU to small claims, not the other way around,

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08th Feb 2011 10:49

IRIS CCJ's and all that

Not at all convinced of this course of action -

any dealings with [removed by mod] Software T/as IRIS are bound to leave me out-of-pocket............

Any other ideas....?

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08th Feb 2011 12:39

Why CCJs?

If they take you to court (which I doubt), you will simply show that you paid for what you used, and that you gave the required notice. You will therefore win in court.

In the unlikely event that you lose, then you pay Iris for the other 2 months, and you are no more out of pocket than you are in now.

There could only be a CCJ if the court orders you to pay, and you refuse. 

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10th Feb 2011 11:49

I agree

i have to agree with aiwalters - that is the course of action I would follow.

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By satch
15th Jul 2011 12:33

Another disgruntled customer

We have also decided to move away from Iris because of our growing dissatisfaction of their so called "customer care" and their exorbitant prices. On announcing the news to them, we did not get a telephone call, as one would have expected from any organisation that cared for our custom. But instead, received an email stating that we could not terminate the annual licence agreement with Iris until the licence expiry date and that we would need to give proper notice viz. 90 days prior to the expiry date.

We have to confess that we had never understood the "annual licence" concept to mean that we were committing ourselves to a year in advance - particularly as the licence codes issued to our firm expire after 3 months and we pay on a quarterly basis. If we do not pay, we do not get the renewal licence codes and the program becomes read only.

Iris appear to be digging their heals in and seem prepared to take legal action to enforce the terms and conditions. I guess bullying comes natural to the big boys!

We pointed them to this thread and one other ( and their response, if we are not reading too much into it, appears to suggest that they may be contemplating legal action against other parties who have not observed the terms and conditions imposed by Iris!

So, for anyone contemplating joining Iris, we would say DON'T! The software has lost its edge - there are equivalent/better products on the market for a fraction of the price and certainly if you want to be treated properly- if you want to be a valued customer, then go elsewhere!

For those who are currently using Iris and are contemplating a move, look very carefully at the terms and conditions, and plan your exit accordingly.

As for us, we shall be taking legal advice. If anything should come out of this, we shall post again on this thread. 

PS - We should add that we have been with Iris since 2001. But loyalty counts for little with them!

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15th Jul 2011 12:50

IRIS - bring it on

I very much look forward to my day in court with Iris;

Hopefully their team on the day will include the obnoxious jumped up little twerp from 'customer care' (as in couldnt care less) who has wound me up on too many occasions -

my Babylis Fergie special hair-dryer is plugged into the mains and set to turbo


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