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Iris and Chinese Whispers

I may have been misinformed

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I have heard this secondhand so I am hoping that someone will tell me I have it wrong.

An old colleague and very good friend was telling me that she recently attended a seminar run by Iris relating to MTD. As part of the discussion she was told that the Iris software (sorry to be vague but I can't say exactly which software it was) would capture digital images of an expense receipt and post it into the system correctly. Not being technically minded, my friend later asked how exactly the system would capture the data and was told that in fact it is sent to "associates" based in India who would process the information to ensure it was all posted to the correct headings.

This is a complete revelation to me if it is true - is this how all of the current software is capturing expenses data? Surely not. If true, then I imagine that all sorts of GDPR issues need to be addressed.

I did Google this and came up with IriSmart Invoice which does indeed say it has 'semi-automatic classification and capture of your invoices for expense monitoring'. So Iris is being honest, it seems. I am just astonished this is the way data is being captured, particularly as we are told by others that AI systems are almost upon us.

Does this apply to all the others too?


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25th Jun 2019 16:59

See this article from a few weeks ago:

AI is mostly bullsh!t.

The cynic in me would say it's nothing but the marketing spin being put on what's really happening - jobs being outsourced abroad.

It'd sound terrible if the software companies were bringing in a product that was moving British jobs abroad - but if it's AI and machines that's doing all the work then that sounds great.

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25th Jun 2019 16:46

AI is quite good at recognising speech (cf Alexa) and also potentially good at recognising images and text (Ocr). How good it is at allocating expenses is a question I don't know the answer to.

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25th Jun 2019 18:00

I've certainly had Iris on the phone trying to sell me outsourced services so I'm pretty sure they have the associates in place

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26th Jun 2019 07:51

Thanks. Well, I guess it's always an option to consider - and most likely more reliable than the fully automated option.

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By tobynew
28th Jun 2019 16:00

Not sure how true this is as I was told by a salesman, however Autoentry supposedly has the most advanced system with 80% of captures being automated and 20% delivered to their processing centre to be manually processed, hence the delay in receiving the digital files.

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By Dandan
28th Jun 2019 18:19

I have seen the word "associates" often used when justifying outsourcing. It is an attempt to suggest that the company doing the outsourced work is, to all intends and purposes, the same organisation.

In any case, GDPR is a bit of a joke. It has had the opposite effect of what it was meant to achieve. Before GDPR an organisation might have shared your date with 2 or 3 of its partners. After GDPR , it shares it with a hundred or so organisations, on the basis that you gave consent (without realising it).

In actual fact GDPR means that an organisation can do whatever it wants with your data as long as you have given consent. It is the way they get consent which has to be questioned.

Since GDPR came into force, organisations have gone on an information sharing bonanza.

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