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IRIS and Sage on a Mac

IRIS and Sage on a Mac

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Does anyone know if you can run IRIS and Sage on an Apple MacBook Pro? 

Many thanks


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By RussellD
10th Jan 2012 13:23

Hosting the software does 3 things at the same time:

1. Gives you access to the full software on your Mac (or iPad) or from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. It removes the need for a windows server (typically if you have more than 1 user you will need a Windows server)

3. It significantly reduces the IT support needed onsite.  Ordinarily all the maintenance, updates, backups etc. are all done by the engineers of the hosting company as part of the hosting fee.

Hope that helps.

Russell Dickens


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Replying to RussellD:
By Janiz
14th Jul 2016 16:12

Can you suggest a couple of Hosting organisations that are good.

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By johndon68
10th Jan 2012 13:32

Sage on mac

I run all versions of Sage 50 from 8-18 on a Mac using VirtualBox to run a copy of Windows 7 and it works perfectly.


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By melanierollason
10th Jan 2012 13:43

Great, thanks.  Does anyone

Great, thanks.  Does anyone run IRIS software on a Mac and if so how do you get on??

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By iandc6
11th Jan 2012 13:27

Iris on a MAC


I don't think that Iris will run on a mac directly, although you would probably be better off checking with Iris on that one. As Russell mentioned earlier in the thread, you can easily have the Iris software hosted and be able to run it on your machine as if it were installed locally, but without the hassle of installing updates etc

Hope this helps.


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By Hosted Desktop UK
12th Jan 2012 10:48

Mac and Iris

I know of folk running Iris on both MAC's and iPad's via Hosted Desktop UK Limited.




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By Hosted Accountants Ltd
12th Jan 2012 13:45

Hosting for accountants

Hi Melanie

We provide this service just for accountants in practice. As well as removing the need to run updates and perform backups (time consuming), you will find that applications like IRIS (generally) run faster in a hosted environment.

You are of course then completely dependent on decent broadband/WIFI but that is part of the balance of going hosted.

If you want to talk to any practices who operate in this way then by all means PM/contact us.




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By Claire Treadwell
22nd Feb 2012 11:26

Won't run on a MAC

Hi Melanie,

Neither IRIS nor SAGE will run on a MAC opertating system. However you can create a dual boot instance on your MAC where your MAC runs both windows and your MAC opertaing system this should allow you to install your software without a problem.

Most payroll packages tend to run only in a windows environment.

I hope this helps,



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