Iris Elements CT return tab not scrolling

On screen cororporation tax return not scrolling past top of first page

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I use Iris Elements for tax return production.  During the data input process I used to be able to scroll through and review the entire corporation tax return and click on fields as necessary.  Now when I select the tax return all I can see is the top of page 1.  I cannot scroll down the page or select other pages.  It's a real pain as I can no longer review the return without downloading it.

Has anybody else experienced this and found a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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By AdamJones82
22nd Apr 2024 12:32

It's working ok at my end

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By johnbate
23rd Apr 2024 14:35

What browser are you using, I had the same issue on Firefox but works ok on MS Edge?

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