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I have recently moved over to Iris Elements from tax filer. I am only a small practice so found the diary function on taxfiler really useful. I can't seem to find the diary area on Iris Elements? I used it to track filing dates for accounts, annual return dates and VAT return dates. Any advice is greatly appreciated

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By FactChecker
04th Mar 2024 21:55

I believe that the most commonly reported 'concern' of those who have migrated from Taxfiler to Iris Elements - other than those for whom the data didn't fully migrate - is the lack of a Diary function in Elements.

But active users may have suggestions?

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By WinterDragon
05th Mar 2024 00:34

Don't worry, you can purchase the practice management module to get it back!

In all seriousness, it was kind of stupid for them to remove the diary for tax & accounts customers but you can either argue with Iris or find an alternative. I'm sure if you kicked up a big enough fuss you could say removing functionality when they likely said somewhere in their communications that you wouldn't lose any functionality is grounds to get you out of your contact but then you'd have migrate elsewhere.

We keep separate spreadsheets for tracking deadlines but I'm afraid there isn't an easy solution.

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Replying to WinterDragon:
By EmmaPD
05th Mar 2024 14:25

I have set up the free version for PM but it looks like everything needs manually loading in? I also can't see anywhere for annual return date info. Do you know if the PM should auto build the diary or offers AR info?

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Replying to EmmaPD:
By WinterDragon
05th Mar 2024 14:43

Sorry, I was a bit coy on details of what the PM module actually requires you to do and I believe you do have to manually setup workflows and then ensure the data is accurate on each client to build useful job templates that result in a diary like experience.

My biggest criticism of adding PM to Elements is this task is completely overwhelming for a sole practitioner. I signed up for a trial and got 4,500 jobs created and most of which are 'client take-on' jobs reminding me to ask the client if they require other services and apply for HMRC authorisation which we already hold.

You could try speaking to Iris to see if they'd be able to help you as if they could make the process a lot simpler, then I'd happily pay for the PM module - don't hold out too much hope though.

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By Malek
05th Mar 2024 08:11

They want you to purchase their PM. Over the next three years if my plan worked, I will be Iris free and rely on Xero Tax.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
05th Mar 2024 09:30

My understanding is that Iris are working on adding more data (static and job/service) and the related reporting that flows from it.

In addition to more data in the dashboard, etc., a workaround for missing reporting functionality seems to be the ability to export data to a spreadsheet, but this is still being built out.

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