Iris Elements - how to show taxpayer as Scottish

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Could some kind person please show me how to designate a self assessment taxpayer as Scottish in Iris Elements? - I can't sem to fuind guidance anywhere.
Thanks in advance :-)

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By FactChecker
18th Dec 2023 11:42

No idea about Iris Elements ... but in most software you'd look for where Tax Code is recorded and expect to find a field (or checkbox) to enter the S prefix?

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By WinterDragon
18th Dec 2023 11:48

The answer - go into the client's return and select the tab for 'Client/Case Details' and scroll down. You'll see the box where you can select Scottish/Welsh or UK Taxpayer.

This took way longer than it should have to find and you are right, there is nothing in the help centre that mentions how to do this.
To the IRIS employees that read Aweb - Could you please update your help centre? :)

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Replying to WinterDragon:
Basset Hound
By Cuchulainn
18th Dec 2023 12:36

Thanks for this. problem solved :-)
We're 'victims' of Iris's takeover of Taxfiler and not at all enjoying the experience, I'm afraid.

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Replying to Cuchulainn:
By WinterDragon
18th Dec 2023 12:51

Out of interest, what are your main gripes with Elements? We were one of the first to sign up for a trial in 2022 and one of the first to migrate in the Summer. In 2022, my main complaints were that the software was unfinished and critical features were missing/broken.

Currently, I only really have niggles such as being signed out too often or the home screen/deadline diary not being as useful as it was in Taxfiler. It's a pain but I'm still in the lobby IRIS for improvements camp rather than migrate elsewhere to teach them a lesson. Would be nice to hear your thoughts.

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