Iris Elements - no auto save ?

Iris Elements - no auto save ?

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Been using Iris Elements for a while now after being forced off Taxfiler.

Is anyone else being driven mad by its tendency to shut down at random points, without any form of auto save ? I have wasted so much time having to re-key figures !!!


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By AdamJones82
06th Jun 2024 14:11

Yep, when entering accounts I manually save every minute approx so I don't lose anything!

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By LTAccounting
06th Jun 2024 14:58

requent Manual Saves:

Make it a habit to manually save your work frequently. This can be a temporary measure while you seek a more permanent solution.

Local Backups:

Keep local backups of your work. Export data regularly so that you can quickly restore it in case of a crash.

Auto-Save Workaround:

Use browser extensions that can auto-save web form data. Extensions like “Lazarus: Form Recovery” or “Form History Control” can help recover lost input data.

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