IRIS Elements v Taxfiler Access Rights

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We have just transitioned over from Taxfiler to Iris Elements and whilst the basic Elements programme seems fairly okay I'm struggling with one particular point which I've not been able to find via the IRIS help.

In Taxfiler we had the ability to restrict access to certain clients so the staff couldn't access the tax returns for the practice or the principals.  In Elements I'm struggling to see if this functionality is available. 

I accept I may just being missing it in which case where is it and I'll put it down to old codger syndrome.  However if not how are those of you using Elements dealing with this?

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By Leywood
29th Oct 2023 11:57
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By Grayson Moore
30th Oct 2023 17:14

Just been confirmed by IRIS that this functionality does not exist in the current IRIS Elements system despite being available in Taxfiler.

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