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IRIS Exchequer OLE

IRIS Exchequer OLE

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New to OLE Exchequer - I have a report set up by my predecessor which imports General Ledger balances, which is great and works a treat.

However, I would like to be able to import nominal transactions (for a selected GL code) line by line - I know there is a drill-down in OLE but you can't copy from that into Excel. Using the fX/User Defined button in Excel I can see a list of Exchequer functions but I can't see one that would provide transactions.

Does anyone use OLE and manage to do this?

Thank you


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By David Carter
17th Nov 2010 18:32

Have to use the Report Writer?

My knowledge may be out of date but in my day OLE only applied to balances.

To get transactions I went into the Report Writer and selected Document Detail (TL-type) transactions.  Then output as CSV.

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By ElliottRoss
17th Nov 2010 21:52

Transactional Reports not available via OLE


The only "list" type data available via OLE is: Customer/Supplier codes, GL codes.

Only balances are available via OLE.

If you would like help with VRW (training or writing reports), please do contact me for more information.



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By brent
23rd Nov 2010 00:36

Nominal save functions in OLE


Try EntAddNomTransfer or one of the variants if you are trying to create the nominal.

Otherwise you need to dump the transactions to a file - standard reports ie GL History will print to excel.


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