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IRIS "From £99" re upgrades

IRIS "From £99" re upgrades

Anybody know what the "from £99" charge for upgrade help means in practice?

For eg What if the upgrade will not load and Iris support is called - will there then be a charge?

If so, why?


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16th Dec 2009 19:51

Support call

Have you asked them?

Your call will be treated as a support call and I would imagine they'd only offer to sort the problem out for a fee if they suspected the prob was with your system.

They are nice people, email or call them

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17th Dec 2009 12:45

Responses from IRIS discussion group

Since I hadn't heard anything about this until you posted, I dropped a mention of your query into our IRIS Discussion Group to see if other IRIS users had more information. They certainly did - including Simon Witkiss, the head of the IRIS product development team.

He explained: "We offer this because our customer base possess a huge spectrum of IT skills.  The service means that the update is installed by our Implementations team who are experts in the different platforms our customers use, the versions of Microsoft SQL Server they might run and the IRIS program files and data.  If for whatever reason, the update doesn’t work, part of the service is getting you up and running as quickly as possible with the previous version."

There's nothing compulsory about it, but if you don't have the time yourself or the IT expertise in house to handle software upgrades, the service is designed to free up otherwise non-chargeable time, he added.

In response to your final query, Simon Witkiss confirmed: "Not having the upgrade service does not in any way impact your ability to use our support lines.  As well as our Implementations team, we also have a Technical Support team dedicated to helping customers install, upgrade and use our software in their IT environment."

Hope that sets your mind to rest, and if you want to follow up the chapter and verse, there's a lot more background available from the discussion group thread.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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18th Dec 2009 12:51

Question for the Iris user group

Hello, please can I pose a question to the Iris user group :

I've recently started using Iris Accounts Office software,  Does anyone know if I can change the default setings of ...?

1.  When the input windows open they are always tiny and I have to resize them - does anyone know if there is a "save settings" option anywhere ?

2. The nominal transactions window currently shows as column headers "our ref, date, period, description, status"  but not Amount !!  does anyone know if I can add "amount" in as a column header? - Quite useful to check if I have input the correct amount.

3. Default VAT - the VAT always defulats to 17½ % and I am constantly changing it to 15% can this be set as a default.

4. the Bank reconciliation screen, the amounts are preceded by GBP which makes it very confusing to read  - can I turn this option off?

5. the bank reconciliation screen, the amount column - the decimal places are not aligned can this be changed ?

 6.  There is no consistency on the 'bank ref' field if it's a cash book payment the cheque reference is in column 3 on the bank rec screen but if it's a supplier payment the cheque reference goes in column 9 so it's all very confusing and time consuming to do.

I've discovered that F9 will copy the text frm the line above but any other hints or tips ot shortcuts for IRIS accounts office would be greatfully appreciated. 



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18th Dec 2009 14:50


You might want to consider joining and making your post within the IRIS discussion group - there is no guarantee that those expert members will see your Any Answers post. 

It's really simple - click to join and then put your question there.

Becky Midgley

Community manager

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18th Dec 2009 18:18

@JWB x2


I found your query too and had more time on my hands than Becky above...

Our IRIS discussion group is focused on Accountancy Practice Solutions, which I don't think looks after IRIS Accounts Office. But I posted it there anyway in case any of the members know the application. Some of the company's executives also keep an eye the discussion, so maybe one of them will hear your cry for help.

Have a good weekend.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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