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IRIS - Full not short self employed pages

IRIS - Full not short self employed pages

Iris keeps bringing up Full pages for a very basic sole trader.  Not changed year end, no overlap profits etc so not sure why it is bringing it up?

Any one having a similar problem??


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09th Dec 2010 16:22


Iris KnowledgeBase item 6392


Personal Tax is generating a set of full Self Employment pages instead of short pages.

Full self employment pages are required and will be generated automatically by IRIS if any of the following reasons apply to this client:

- Turnover of more than £68,000 or would have been if the business traded for 12 months
- A tick is included in the balance sheet information in Business Details.
- The basis period is not the same as the account period
- Overlap relief has been claimed
- The client has a UITF 40 adjustment claim
-The client has made a claim for farmers or creative averaging
- The client has claimed Agricultural or industrial building allowance.
- There has been a change of account date
- There is an entry within deductions from net profits.
- There has been a box completed in the data entry screen which is only present on the full return and not the short return.

Extract from Iris KnowledgeBase may explain reason

Also check out the settings under Sole Trade or Partnership in Personal Tax module. Double click on the relevant accounting date and look on the tab Business Details.

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