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IRIS hung session?

IRIS hung session?

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Looking for a little help here...I was working at a practice today doing some non accounting related IT when I needed to restart one of the workstations. It turns out however that this was the workstation they were using as a "server" to run IRIS and at least one user was connected to it at the time I shut down the machine! The net result is that after giving a couple of errors IRIS will start up on the "server" machine but will not start at all on the network machines. I guess this is due to some sort of hung session or locked file but I am not familiar with the application and how to resolve this. Any assistance would be much appreciated.  Thanks Geoff

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By Old Greying Accountant
07th Mar 2013 22:19

Call ...

... IRIS support, that is why they are there, they will talk you through, or may even sort if out for you remotely.

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By Hosted Accountants Ltd
14th Mar 2013 15:29

System Maintenance

Login on the server as MASTER

>System Maintenance>locks and logins.

Clear both locks and logins and this should resolve the issue.


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