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Why do IRIS still make its' customers tag 5 standard  Balance Sheet notes instead of including them in the iXBRL software and saving wasted time and effort? Pehaps a discount should be given for those using IRIS and encountering this problem

Ho Hum!

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By DMGbus
13th May 2011 20:43

Which notes are these?

Just as a matter of interest which notes is IRIS failing to tag? (*)

I'm just wondering if the particular notes are required to be tagged by HMRC?

"If HMRC don't ask for something to be tagged then don't go to any trouble tagging it".

(*) I'll then "compare notes" with my firm's "horror story" iXBRL experience of Sage CT and Sage Accounts, bad as Sage has been, I'm unaware of any "missing notes" tagging issues.


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