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Iris - networking problems?

Iris - networking problems?

We are experiencing a lot of problems with the speed of Iris accross our network. We did have a Win2k server with 30 or so win98se clients (pc's). We then introduced 8 new clients (pc's) with win2k professional installed and since then have noticed that when the Win2k operators are using IRIS the whole sytem grinds to a halt. We also have pervasive installed.

Iris are being very supportive in trying to find a solution but I was just wondering if anyone else is or has experienced similar problems.

Elwyn Turner
Turner Peachey, Shrewsbury
Elwyn Turner


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05th Nov 2002 14:54

Perhaps you network needs re-configuring
We use IRIS on a Win NT with Win 98 and Win 2000 clients. Initially we had lots of crashes and downtime, so we called in a local firm of IT experts, who were excellent. They configured the network clients and server correctly and we have an efficient and stable IRIS system now. Speak to Whole Limited at Holmes Chapel.

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