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Iris not compatible with the latest Windows 1803

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How are other practitioners who use IRIS dealing with the fact that it is essentially not compatible with the latest Windows upgrade version 1803? Our IT guys have supressed all Windows updates and upgrades to prevent the dreaded 1803 from installing but this is obviously far from ideal as it increases vulnerability. Trouble is the thought of the whole team not being able to use IRIS is unthinkable. I am emailing IRIS support weekly in the hope that they provide the solution they are promising but I don't think they see this as a priority. Apparantly the temporary fix is not very reliable. If anyone else using IRIS wants to email them to hassle them that would be most handy for all!

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By alan.rolfe
16th Jul 2018 11:35

I'm using Win 10 version 1803 (build 17134.165) without any problems.

I had already had the 1803 update before Iris notified about this issue.

I'm using Iris version, so maybe this is no longer an issue? I've not applied any special/temporary fixes.

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By accountantccole
16th Jul 2018 12:30

We are a mix of machines - I am giving up and letting windows do it stuff now as no one else seems to have had issues

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By May bee
16th Jul 2018 17:40

Thank you for your replies. Iris have said it's a very small number of people who have encountered issues so think we're going to give it a go and upgrade now too. Not feeling 100% relaxed about it though (particularly as the main Iris screen still says don't do it) but maybe the whole thing wasn't actually worth worrying about. Thanks again.

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By alan.rolfe
19th Jul 2018 08:42

Latest announcement in Iris says:-

Microsoft Windows 10 issue update
Since the update to Microsoft Windows 10 (1803) a small number of customers, mostly those who use Windows 10 peer to peer networks, have encountered a problem and been unable to use IRIS. Due to the limited impact we feel this will have, our advice is to upgrade windows when prompted but should you have any problems, please email [email protected].

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By Darren Linnell
30th Aug 2018 15:47

Good excuse to blame someone else for their shoddy programming. Love the blurb on the menu screen now "our advice as usual is always to be on the latest version" - excuse me? weren't we supposed to supress the latest version?

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