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IRIS Opendocs

General Problems with IRIS Docs

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Just wondering if anyone else using IRIS and their paperless filing system IRIS Docs (opendocs) has any problems with it?

We have problems where the emails don't file automatically in the client file (and sometimes they do file, but the emails don't show as filed).  It has been an ongoing problem that we generally have put up with.

Now we have a new problem when we open filed letters and try to print them.  The txt just jumbles in the whole screen and any letter we open that day do the same.

Our IT have been in touch with IRIS, as have we.  There have been various fixes given, but none have solved it completely. The last time we spoke with IRIS we were told it was to do with printer drivers, then double spacing.

We seem to have ongoing problems and just wonder if it is our computers or if everyone seems to have problems here?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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