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Iris opendocs - what do existing users think??

Iris opendocs - what do existing users think??

We currently have the full suite of iris products and use rapport from practice net for our document management system. It's good, but we duplicate a lot of effort setting up clients on two systems, importing documents etc.

Thinking about getting iris opendocs, formerly invu, and wondered what existing users thought of it - and if anyone had moved from rapport to iris and how the process went?

Specifically, would love to know:

What's the email integration like - for example does it automatically add emails sent and received through outlook to a client folder where the email address is known
Or is there an outlook add in that you use?

Is there a diary system that is practice wide, linking to clients etc?

How easy is it to use in terms of generating letters etc

What are the main issues you have with the product

Thanks in advance for the comments you post


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03rd Nov 2011 22:01


We set up using Invu prior to IRIS establishing their links with the company. Whilst it can be annoying flicking between the 2 systems, we find it good in that it does not make us IRIS reliant. If IRIS is down we still have our documents.

Also, we were mindful of the costs - having 2 sites meant that the costs were becoming prohibitive and 35 licences for Practice Management was getting out of hand. Also, their pricing is such that the costs virtually doubled by having a second office - yet you pay no more for a 3rd or fourth etc office.

We also did not like the reporting in Practice Management for workflow. It just didn't seem to give us the information we needed so we went back to our Excel Spreadsheets and a Whiteboard - there really is no better way in my opinion than having a board in front of you with all jobs under team names. I love using technology but this system is so easy it works.

Letters are generated in Automail and that works well as they are automatically filed away. Emails will be filed away (yes it does have an Outlook Add on) as long as you use the correct references.

Not the best sales pitch for IRIS - their Accounts and Tax modules are second to none, but the bolt ons added in the last few years are not so hot.


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