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IRIS Openspace - anyone having problems today?

IRIS Openspace - anyone having problems today?

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IRIS Openspace is very slow for me today.

I have turned off the 2 step authentication codes as IRIS are sending them late and after they have expired......

I can now log in but get error messages when requesting signatures.

Anyone else having problems today?

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By Laurence52
19th Dec 2020 11:31

Not the same issue as you but for the last couple of days I haven't received an email from OpenSpace when a client has approved their tax return.
I registered myself as a client using a different email address. As agent I uploaded a test file for me as a client and ashed for the file to be approved. Weint in as client and approved the file.
For the client email browser I did get an email that there was a document for me and an email to approve it.
For the agent email browser, no email that the document had been approved.
So it looks as if clients are getting emails but not me as agent.
My agent email browser is receiving other emails so it doesn't appear to be a problem there, more to do with OpenSpace.

Going into OpenSpace as agent does show that the document has been approved, so at present, I'm having to log in to OpenSpace to check if a return has been approved.

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By barberbuzz
19th Dec 2020 15:24

I generated one for signature an hour ago and didn't get an error message.

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