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Iris OpenSpace Missing Cover Sheet

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I'm a keen user of Iris OpenSpace (the only Iris product that is actually quite good!)

Previously when a document was approved, when opening the PDF a coversheet would automatically be inserted as the first page, showing who had e-signed it etc. I would then save that document to my computer as support that the document had been approved.

On documents approved today that coversheet is now not appearing (documents approved last week still seem fine though). I can't find any setting that relates to this, and the support link takes you to a support page that lists every Iris product, except OpenSpace, which is rather helpful.

If anyone uses OpenSpace and has documents approved today (or the last few days) I'd be very grateful if you would share if you have a coversheet or not, it would be nice to know if it's a system problem affecting others, or just me.


Thank you!

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By WARD321
12th May 2021 21:33

I have had the same problem too today. (Never had an issue before) Am hoping it will resolve itself overnight, according to the link below.

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By SteveOH
13th May 2021 10:03

I had the same issue yesterday (Wednesday). I sent an email to IRIS support and received a reply saying that they were aware and were fixing it. They also said that any documents that didn't have the front page attached should download again today and it should hopefully be ok.

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Image PN
By Mr Hankey
13th May 2021 10:46

Ah ok, that's reassuring it's a known issue and is being dealt with, thank you for the replies.

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By Duggimon
13th May 2021 11:21

Checking back across ours, nothing from the last two days or so is missing a coversheet, so if we had the problem it is now resolved.

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