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Iris OpenSpace password problems

Resetting passwords

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I have a client who's really struggling to reset their password on Iris OpenSpace.

We've used the custom code to include a login link from our website. A code which had changed without me knowing it, so the older iframe version wasn't working a couple of weeks ago, annoying but duly changed.

That custom code doesn't now include a link to reset your password, so I manually added a link to the relevant page on the direct web address. OK it now says Iris OpenSpace rather than our name but fine, at least it works - or so I thought.

Requesting a new password sends out the obligatory email, but the only link sends them straight back to our login page. Not very helpful.

Has anyone else experinced this, or is it just some quirk of the system for us?


PS I see they now want to charge per approvals, which I can understand, but does make me wonder if changing to AccountancyManager or Senta is a good idea.

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By Truthsayer
05th Jun 2020 14:43

I won't be paying them for approvals once I have used up my initial free credits. I will just revert to emailing a PDF of the SATR to the client and asking them to approve it, just as I used to do until last year.

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