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Iris OpenTax, what the [***]???

Not ready til May - what's going on?

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I've been told by Iris that I won't be able to to file 2016/17 tax returns until late May. You can understand why smaller providers may be a bit late with new tax returns. But Iris?

In the past I've lost clients because I wasn't able to do their tax returns quickly in April/May, either because the client is a bit OCD or where they need an SA302 in a hurry for a mortgage application. So this delay is going to aggrevate people and may lose me money.

Do I have any recourse against Iris if I lose clients?


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By SpreadsheetUser
07th Apr 2017 13:37

I'm not so sure the smaller suppliers are late. I use Taxfiler and it was ready to use even before 5th April.
No excuse for Iris with what they charge

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By Tim Vane
07th Apr 2017 14:05

Why would you expect smaller providers to be a bit late?

The smaller providers are the ones who have to look after their customers and cannot treat them like garbage. I think all the smaller providers have had their updates available in plenty of time. Iris know you'll keep paying them, so they can spend all your cash building an MTD solution instead.

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By Kim Jong Un's Hair
07th Apr 2017 14:14


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By mbee1
07th Apr 2017 14:52

We use Digita and have already filed some. We had the update on 4 April.

Just had my invoice for Iris Bureau Payroll and they want over £1000. No way I'm paying that. Have evaluated Brightpay over the last few weeks and have just bought the bureau version for £299. Seems to do everything Iris did and is more user friendly.

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By SteveRA
07th Apr 2017 17:15

Another shout out to Taxfiler, have been working on returns over the last few weeks and today successfully submitted the first one, a refund for a subbie, hence the hurry! And even before the rebate has arrived he has just paid me! Good result all around.

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