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According to Iris, there are a number of practices using their services, and my contact manager made a case for us to outsource instead of employing someone. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience using the Iris outsourcing service. 

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Roy Mitchell
By Roy3112
05th Oct 2023 07:52

I have considered outsourcing on a number of occasions. I spoke to Iris at length in 2021 but wasn`t terribly impressed. Whilst they do have a team in the UK your data is still being handled in India. By the time you have prepped the information to suit their systems you may as well have done the job in-house. This would apply to most I would imagine. I currently have two qualified accountants that are UK based and are paid on a percentage of the job. It means they can work from home and do the accounts when they want to. We have an excellent working relationship and can interact discussing any problems that might arise. In fairness, my practice is now tiny and bobbing along at £150k p.a so it works. It probably wouldn`t for a larger firm. I would urge caution before you lose your employee. Hope that helps. Roy

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Replying to Roy3112:
By SkyHigh
05th Oct 2023 15:26

Thank you, Roy. I appreciate your detailed feedback. I don’t like the idea of outsourcing and dealing with the hassle. However, the way these people sell, makes you think that you’re the only one who is not taking advantage of such a great opportunity. I need to weigh all the options before committing to anything. I got reeled in by Cronor to sign five years contract and since then, I have been super careful. These sales guys are relentless.

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