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Iris payroll propbelems

Iris payroll propbelems

i see that the IRIS upgrade (sic) disk appears to have had a number of flaws in it and has been replaced by a further disk saying do not use the original. Has anybody suffered and if so why
Nicholas Myles


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27th Apr 2008 08:49

upgrade (sic) disk
I like that! Good one Nicholas

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By brucier
19th Apr 2008 20:35

Issues with Rolling Back after clearing down totals
Hi Nicholas,

I think the issue surrounding this is due to the fact that the database file will corrupt should you have cleared down the accruals so as to be able to run Week1 or Month 1 of the 08/09 tax year without first having e-filed the payroll, and then going back to the 07/08 database to be able to file it.
We are members for the Iris Plus scheme and they emailed me sent out two disks in quick succession. We haven't hit this issue as we susessfully filed all 29 payrolls on the 4th April - lucky for us!!

If you review all the paperwork that came with the disks it should also confrim this.
Hope that this helps.

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